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Elin Rentals & Real estate Amman is part of Elin commercial group mother company which established in Amman- Jordan on 1999, Considering that, the achievement of our costumers satisfaction is our area of concern , we are upgraded through the improvement of our services matching with the international standards and delegate hospitality .  



Our business strategy in Elin commercial group, is to function an integrated customer services through the functional branches of rental and real estate services, considering the Consistency of the services degree of quality in the functional branches and the mother company, the efficiency and effectiveness of our service had been improved and our services had been extended to the global through our partners and our sister companies in Italy and France. Based on our sound experience in Europe and the lessons learned for the past 12 years experience, Our services in Jordan is expanded to cover all services related to tourism, medical tourism,furnished apartments rent, real estate and properties.





The achievement of customers satisfaction, through the unique  services quality, is the major member in the skeleton of our business success.




Our mission is to upgrade our services to comply with all international standards through assuring the(most comfortable , more secure and optimum healthy)accommodation for our customers , all as per their own demand under the umbrella of the land law .




We Elin group are experienced and specialists for the following services:

  • Furnished Apartments rental(long &short) term., provide all degree of services starting from three star up to luxurious services , assuring the availability of all flat capacities , in the best locations in Amman .
  • The availability of a wide range of different capacities, variety of services , different locations in such a manner to accommodate all the customer's requirements . 
  • Providing a wide range of real estate, properties and lands appropriate and suitable for competitive investment. 
  • providing all support services to our customers such as transportation , medical services , tourism services and build up the service to achieve our customers demand .




who had to contact us , and why ?

All, and specifically, who are seeking for the (most comfortable ,more secure and optimum healthy) accommodation, concurred with  of  professional hospitality  .


Elin Rentals & Real estate

Amman – Jordan